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May 102013

Casa Chips is in Mexico!

We’re thinking very hard about our first newsletter…

A newsletter from Casa Chips? What would that be like? Don’t rush us, we’re still considering the idea. Can’t rush into these things.

Seriously, in our newsletter we going to do more than entice you to the beach for sun and fun. We would like to share with you our interests in our community and area here in Barra de Navidad, things that we know will make it even more special for you.

You can bet it will be worthwhile. It might be a special price to entice you down to Barra. It might be an event in Barra that you can’t affort to miss and we just want to ensure you can get a room at your favorite hotel. That is – Casa Chips of course!

So we know you’re excited – but if you don’t sign up – how will we know? There’s that little subscription box over on the side. Check it out. Put your email in and wait for that magical moment when Casa Chips sends a newsletter!