La Terraza del Cielo

The view from above of Las Gamelas and the new Terraza

La Terraza is a large, open deck that crowns Casa Chips and gives our guests a private place to relax, enjoy the ocean view, and just hang out with friends. It has reclining lounges, tables, umbrellas, bathrooms and mats. Would you lke to come up to La Terraza for your morning yoga exercises? Yoga with a view of the ocean and Barra? Sure! Be uplifted by the soaring view and gentle breezes of a morning in Barra…

In the evening, La Terraza becomes your ship, heading into the sunset, but there is no chance you will get seasick. You can watch the stars, listen to the rhythm  of the waves and sip a glass of wine – just lay back and relax. La Terraza is exclusively for guests of Casa Chips. You won’t be bothered by random passing crowds. La Terraza is as intimate and private as Casa Chips.

If you have a group, La Terraza could be a great place for your executive team to hold a “vision session.” Soaring above the beach and ocean in a pleasant space for a catered lunch from Marlena’s – what could you envision? We can help you plan your event and make it a memorable experience for your guests. Just ask us.

La Terraza is a new, exciting space for our guests. We want you to take advantage of it – we know you will enjoy it!

Come to Casa Chips – no matter which room you select – you will have the best view in the house from La Terraza!