Las Gemelas – Norte & Sur

The Evening sky - from the balconies of Las Gemelias Norte & Sur

Las Gemelas Sur #9 & Norte #10 – 4th Floor

Las Gemelas, Sur #9 and Norte #10, are the two new ocean front suites that we built this year on the fourth floor of Casa Chips.We call them Las Gemelas, which means the twins, because they were constructed at the same time and have nearly identical floor plans and features.

La Gemela Sur #9, has ocean views to the West and South. At sunset, it has a sweeping view of the ocean and horizon. To the South, it has a view of Barra’s malecon and the sweep of the shoreline. La Gemela Norte #10, has a similar view of the ocean and horizon to the West and a breath-taking panoramic view of the arch of the Bahia Navidad and the pueblos on the North side of the bay, Melaque and San Patricio. Regardless of which suite you stay in – you will have a bird’s eye view of many wonderful places to visit around the bay during your stay.

Inside,  each of the Gemelas has a spacious bedroom, a king-sized bed, a bathroom with shower, and a kitchen/dining area with a balcony. When you are not on the beach, shopping, enjoying a meal or out for a great adventure, you can take advantage of the flat-screen cable TV, air-conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and potable water provided for you in the Gemelas during your stay. When you select one of the Gemelas, you just can sit back, relax  and enjoy the best view in the house – but do remember to send some pictures to your friends on Facebook of the wonderful moments you enjoyed while staying at Casa Chips!

Both the Las Gamela Suites are right off the Terraza. Just a step outside your room, you can enjoy an evening drink with friends while you watch the sunset or just take a private moment as you greet the morning sunrise. We know from experience, these are going to be our most popular suites, so if they look like a good fit for your visit to Casa Chips – don’t hesitate, book now!


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Sunset on the North side of the bay